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Vendor Management

IT Vendor Management Services: Streamline and Save

Do you feel like you’re spending too much time struggling with IT vendors? We can help. Our IT vendor management solutions will reduce the number of IT vendors you deal with, get you better service and save you money in the process. Above all, Novus IT Services‘ vendor management program will get you the highest-quality vendor management you need to make your company succeed.


Novus IT Services‘ IT vendor management solutions give you the ability to:

  • Cut back on time spent managing and working with vendors
  • Eliminate ongoing problems with suppliers
  • Work with top vendors and demand higher standards
  • Raise expectations and consolidate vendors
  • Save money and build improved supplier relationships

Our IT vendor management team will serve as your ally, getting you the best rates for the products you need, while eliminating services that you don’t.

Novus IT Services will work closely with you to evaluate your list of vendors and explore ways to get you improved service and pricing. By consolidating the number of companies you work with, we can help leverage the highest-quality performance to help your business succeed. Your top vendors will benefit from having clear expectations, improved working relationships, less paperwork, and more business.

Contact Southeast Florida’s favorite IT pros at Novus IT Services to get a free vendor management solutions consultation for your company.

Written by

Jorge Roque

Jorge Roque, CTO/Founder Jorge Roque loves IT. He has been working in IT since 1995 and holds several technical certifications like MCP, MCP+I, MCSE, MCSE+I, MCT, CCNA, CCDA, LCP. He is a big fan of Open Source software, especially Linux. Jorge has worked as a System Engineer and System Architect for several financial institutions in South Florida. Jorge is a born entrepreneur. In 2007 Jorge saw the need for affordable IT services for the small to medium size companies. As technology evolves and the need to keep up with new business trends increases, Novus IT Services filled that need.
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