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Computer Repair

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Why choose us instead of just a Geek? 18 years of expertise, immediate response  and a price you can afford

Novus IT Services GeekSquad
Total System Restore/Recovery $200.00 $299.00
Spy-ware & Virus Removal $60.00 $299.00
Data Migration $60.00 $249.00
Operating System Install/Upgrade $60.00 $299.00
Wireless Network Setup $60.00 $159.00
Broadband Service Setup $60.00 $159.00
Network Backup Setup $60.00 $159.00
Work groupFile/Printer Server Setup $60.00 $159.00
Training $1.00 per minute $159.00
Anti-Virus Software optimization $60.00 $149.00
Anti-spyware Software optimization $60.00 $149.00
Memory or Hard Drive Upgrades $60.00 $159.00
Other Software Install/Optimization $60.00 $149.00
Diagnostic $20.00 $70.00
Trip to your home or Office $20.00 $70.00


Of course price isn’t the only reason to choose us over a Geek.  Go ahead, shop around….you will soon find that not only do we offer the best pricing, you will find we also offer the fastest service and the most qualified technician to fix your computer.

Reflecting the unique community in which we live and work, Novus IT Services has a multilingual staff that can provide assistance in English & Spanish–and we promise not to respond in computer Greek.

Contact us today to see what Novus IT Services can do for you!

Written by

Jorge Roque

Jorge Roque, CTO/Founder Jorge Roque loves IT. He has been working in IT since 1995 and holds several technical certifications like MCP, MCP+I, MCSE, MCSE+I, MCT, CCNA, CCDA, LCP. He is a big fan of Open Source software, especially Linux. Jorge has worked as a System Engineer and System Architect for several financial institutions in South Florida. Jorge is a born entrepreneur. In 2007 Jorge saw the need for affordable IT services for the small to medium size companies. As technology evolves and the need to keep up with new business trends increases, Novus IT Services filled that need.
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